The Mental Health Grove

The Mental Health Grove is a membership program where people experiencing low/mild anxiety, depression, and grief can find help. The Grove works to provide people with tangible tools and resources to help combat their symptoms. Choose the best option for yourself.  Become a member by purchasing the monthly or yearly membership and automatically receive new content every month that includes worksheets, psychoeducation, videos, and audio recordings created by trained mental health professionals to help address your anxiety and depression symptoms in the privacy of your own home. Not afraid of commitment? Then the yearly membership is for you! Join and receive additional content & information to better understand grief and how to combat your symptoms. Afraid of commitment? We've got you covered! The Single Grove will allow you to access the current month's content.  No strings attached. Click to complete the assessments to better determine how your symptoms rank.  


All plans include:

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  • Worksheets

  • Practical Coping Skills

  • Mindfulness/Calming Audio

  • Educational Videos

Disclaimer:  The MH Grove is for people experiencing low/mild symptoms only. If you shave more severe and persistent symptoms please seek engagement with a trained mental health professional. This program is not a substitute for actual psychotherapy, counseling, or therapy with a trained mental health professional. Engagement in the membership program is your acknowledgment of such.