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Mind, Body, & Spirit MFT is focused on healing the whole person. Therapy and coaching services focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual impacts that life can have on a person. MBS MFT offers traditional talk therapy to individuals, couples & families. Long and short-term strength-based professional coaching services; in addition to a unique hybrid of physical fitness training with therapy/coaching. Research continues to show that exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on those that experience anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Exercise is also linked to improvements in memory, sleep, sex drive, and boosting overall mood.

Cost of Session

My fee for individual sessions is $120 for a 45-minute session. Couples and family sessions bill $155 for 60 minutes. I accept cash, credit card, other forms of electronic payment (CashApp & Venmo), as well as, Health Savings Account funds. Please see the insurance statement below and check with your provider to see if you have "out-of-network" benefits if you are seeking insurance reimbursement, as I am not an in-network provider. Finances should not affect your ability to get the help you need; therefore I do offer a sliding fee scale based on an annual income that may be considered for clients who experience financial hardship. Please call for more information.


We do not bill insurance because we believe that you should dictate how you handle your mental health. Insurance companies mandate a diagnosis, oversee your health records, and may limit your number of therapy sessions regardless of what you're going through.

All first sessions: individuals, couples, and family must be scheduled as an initial intake. Initial sessions bill at $120 (individual) and $155 (couples/family)

Out of Network Benefits

Services may be covered in part or in full by your health insurance plan. In instances where out-of-network benefits are covered, you will be responsible for payment at the time of service and we can provide you with a super-bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Please check your coverage carefully by asking your insurance provider these questions:

Do I have "out-of-network" mental health insurance benefits?

What is my deductible and has it been met?

What is my "co-insurance"?

How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?


What is the coverage amount per session?

Is approval required from my primary care doctor?

In instances where out-of-network benefits are covered, you will be responsible for payment at the time of service and your insurance will reimburse your expenses.